Tanglethread are Ruth and Des Hart, a husband and wife duo playing a selection of traditional folk music from around Britain. Ruth plays descant and tenor recorders and Des plays cuatro, guitar and sings. Our music is performed acoustically and is suitable for folk clubs and festivals. We also play at events where folky background music is needed to provide an interesting atmosphere.


Recent gigs include appearances at Bury Folk Club and Henley Folk Club in Suffolk as well as various sessions in local pubs.


If you are interested in booking us for your club or event we can be contacted at




Below are three tunes we have recorded recently to give you an idea of how we sound.



Tanglethread are playing at the following venues:-


Bury Folk Collective Wednesday 19th February


Laxfield Market Saturday 4th April

                         Saturday 4th July

                         Saturday 3rd October


Cratfield Music Night Saturday14th March


Hadleigh Folk Club Friday 1st May



We have recorded a CD of traditional tunes that we have called Warp and Weft, which seemed suitable and we have them for sale at the gigs we play.

The Cuatro


I'm often asked what it is that I'm playing and the answert is, a Cuatro. What's a Cuatro? This is:-

It's basically a ten string guitar with a sound that is somewhere between a 12 string guitar and a mandolin. The pairs of strings are tuned in unison and run from low B to E A D G so similar to a guitar. The neck is wider than that on a mandolin which, as a bass player, I find rather narrow and squiffy and I like the unfussy, simple appearance of the instrument. The name Cuatro might infer that it should have four pairs of strings but this is a Puerto Rican Cuatro so it has five, don't ask me why! I found my first Cuatro in a music shop in York and this one in the photo came from Thomann.

Any Yes fans out there might have realised that this is the same instrument that Jon Anderson used to play occaisionally in the late 70's when it was simply referred to as a ten string guitar.